Call for a joint effort to strengthen men’s health education


With cancer rates in men surpassing those of women, two figures in the fight against the disease have called for more health education for young men

Surgeon general Ian Lewis and Antoine Williams, public relations manager for Cancer Support Services (CSS), have called for greater collaboration to target young men with health information. This, they said, would not only increase awareness of cancer and other health issues in men, but promote faster intervention and screening, thus contributing to timely diagnosis and care.

Their comments were made during the ninth annual CSS conference which was held under the theme: Integrated approach to cancer care at the Accra Hotel, Rockley, Christ Church on Saturday.

During its presentation on Great medicine – Real or imaginary?Lewis expressed concern that men’s health education continues to fall behind.

He said, “Would you believe me if I told you there’s a lot more prostate cancer in this country than breast cancer?”

There are some from afar, but the reality is that it is not talked about and two men do very well once they get proper treatment.

“But I don’t find that an indictment for patients, in terms of not knowing what to do, and when to do it and how often to do it. This speaks to us as medical teachers. Dr Daniel [Kellman] mentioned that doctor means teacher…. We need to bring oncologists to the community. This is one push we need to do and two in general, we need to put more emphasis on men’s health issues as doctors and nurse educators – we need to do it.

Williams said later Barbados TODAY that a common effort of health education is necessary for the action to be truly effective and meaningful.

“I think we would need to readjust our educational focus, especially with regard to this,” he said. “The key word is support and we’re not going particularly out there and providing education, whether it’s breast cancer, colon cancer, whatever it is, but we realize that now has to be a goal.

“We must now, through conferences of this kind, similar forums, really have the means to educate the general public. The men do not speak. They would just carry their burden individually, but we have to bring them together in a safe, secure environment in terms of where they feel what is said here will stay here, and that is the goal we have to work on.

“Health education is necessary. . . but we cannot rely solely on an institution like Cancer Support Services. The work is there and we will try our way to try to share this information. [but] I think it would definitely be an exercise for everyone to come and participate. “

At this weekend’s conference there were several other presentations including: melanoma and healing from cancers that have spread. What’s new? by Dr Anesa Ahamad; Cancer Treatment Centers of America and models of integrative care by Dr. Daniel Kellman; The “new normal” is not a new idea by Dr Stephanie Wellington as well as PEMF as adjunct in cancer treatment provided by Dr Sean Russell. (KC)

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