Gambia: NGO engages 60 adolescent girls on teenage pregnancy and reproductive health issues

Artists from the Arts and Culture Alliance in partnership with the Kafuta Community Library launched a community outreach for 60 adolescent girls on Sunday on teenage pregnancy, AIDS, reproductive health and gender issues.

Welcoming participants, Lamin Bojang, Gambia Community Library Project Coordinator, welcomed the initiatives, recalling that the library is initiated to help both students and researchers in the region.

This, he added, would also help minimize students hanging out during school days.

Addressing the assembly, Saloum Sheriff Janko, Gambian journalist and author, who is also the president of Artists in Alliance for Arts and Culture, said his organization is ready to work with youth organizations, local communities , artists and health workers, police, teachers, students and caregivers on health issues including HIV / AIDS, arts and culture.

Artists in Alliance for Arts and Culture, he added, is a registered non-profit organization that works to promote arts and culture in the country.

However, the idea of ​​this initiative, he said, is to bring mutual understanding between different cultures through collaborative education, health, tourism and environment programs for sustainable development.

“The arts and culture sector is viewed as a consumable and rapidly growing sector by many institutions.

Yes, some discourage artists, cultural groups, schoolchildren and some communities from participating and taking arts and culture classes and owning their heritage or artistic works. We must educate people of all ages, make them aware of the importance of the Arts and their Culture in their respective communities. “

According to him, the goals of the initiative are to raise awareness of arts and culture and also to connect people through cultural collaboration, music, education, health, works of art, tourism and culture. culture and exchanges for sustainable development.

This would help us mobilize resources for cultural promotion development activities.

Gender activist Satang Dumbuya also advised students to focus more on their education to become responsible future leaders.

Other projects the local NGO is working on include its next international Kora and cultural festival scheduled for February 24-27, 2022.

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