HH Herb & Health’s vaginal health products are ideal for pregnant women


HH Herb & Health products are made with naturally derived ingredients for optimal vaginal health.

The HH Herb & Health Vaginal Health Collection is ideal for pregnant women.

The HH Herb & Health Vaginal Health Collection is ideal for pregnant women.

The HH Herb & Health Vaginal Health Collection is ideal for pregnant women.

The HH Herb & Health Vaginal Health Collection is ideal for pregnant women.

HH Herb & Health uses natural ingredients to promote vaginal health and reduce irritation and is specially formulated for pregnant women.

TAIWAN, May 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – HH Herb & Health presents a collection of cleansers, soothing sprays, whitening serums and panty cleansers derived from all-natural, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic ingredients to promote vaginal health. With a formula without irritating chemical ingredients, the HH Herb & Health range is ideal for pregnant women, who are particularly prone to irritation, vaginal odor and vaginal itching.

Designed for vaginal health, HH Herb & Health’s products contain various natural ingredients of plant origin. Their wash for vaginal odor and vaginal odor contains up to five variations of plant ingredients, compared to its competitors, which include only one or two types. At the same time, the wash contains ten types of natural oils and food extract formulas, something not found elsewhere.

Notably, HH Herb & Health is only committed to developing products that are free from parabens, SLS / SLES, soaps, alcohols, chemical fragrances and other harmful ingredients that can prove to be incredibly irritating to pregnant women. Like washing, their soothing spray draws on all-natural herbal ingredients to provide high-quality products to fight vaginal itching and vaginal dryness. Acting as a natural deodorant, HH Herb & Health sprays contain lactic acid, yeast extract, yogurt extract and radish root ferment filtrate.

“I am six months pregnant and since receiving my order I have been extremely satisfied with the results,” says Ariadne Zehcnas. “It’s the perfect feminine wash for me, as it wipes the odor out of the vagina and refreshes me all day. It’s definitely something I look forward to using every day, and it’s worth every penny!

Unlike other whitening serums which contain harsh chemicals, HH Herb & Health serum is made with natural ingredients such as Ester-C (the brightening agent) as well as jojoba oil, aloe vera extract, rosehip oil, etc. These ingredients work together to restore elasticity, lock in moisture, and prevent vaginal dryness. Its hypoallergenic design is perfect for sensitive groups, including pregnant women.

HH Herb & Health is also excited to share the final product of its new series of herbal feminine products, an antibacterial and anti-mold hand cleanser for feminine panties. Using a neutral pH7 detergent, it protects hands while penetrating even the most difficult stains of menstrual and vaginal discharge. Ingredients like vitamin B5 and aloe extract allow this formula to be very effective but non-irritating.

HH Herb & Health’s new line of vaginal health products is now available on Amazon, with the Prime shipping option.

HH Herb & Health website: https://hhunitedstates.com/


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