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WITH the spirit of love and care for the less privileged in society, IK Charitable Trust has continued to improve the lives of vulnerable people. As the saying goes, it takes love to reach out to someone who has nothing and it also takes compassion to reach out to the poor in society.

Many people live in abject poverty and lack basic necessities such as access to proper education and educational support, healthy food, proper health care, clean and safe drinking water, etc.

IK Charitable Trust has continued to deliver on its promises to improve the well-being of the less privileged in society by providing quality health care and appropriate educational support programs in rural and urban areas of Zambia.

IK Charitable Trust, in conjunction with Lolelunga Game Ranch, took a trip to the most remote parts of Kasempa District in the North West Province to try to improve the lives of the less privileged by providing health care and appropriate educational material.

In total, five schools and five rural health centers have been identified, namely: Kamakechi primary and secondary schools, Kamakechi clinic, Jifumpa primary school, Jifumpa clinic, Ng’oma primary clinic and the Ng’oma clinic.

Others are; Kanongo Primary, Kanongo Clinic and Kamfuswa School and Clinic.

IK and Lolelunga Game Ranch made their first donation of books, school chairs, student shoes, meals, teaching materials and clothing to Kamakechi Primary School which has a total of 416 students. This school has only 30 desks, two toilets shared with teachers and dilapidated two-by-three classroom structures.

A check in one of the classrooms found students sitting on the floor while others were seated in chairs they had brought home. Another check in a fifth grade class found a school principal giving a lesson in a classroom without a single desk.

The principal, Benjamin Atanasi, explained to this reporter that the school was not able to provide desks and other teaching materials because it did not have the capacity to do so.

“We have a big challenge here at Kamakechi School, as you have seen for yourself. This whole school has a population of 416 students and we only have 30 desks. We tried to ask those who have chairs in their house to come with them, but as you know it’s a typical village and there are some students who don’t have chairs so they just sit down. on the ground. We would like to thank IK Charitable Trust and Lolelunga Game Ranch for the gesture in providing chairs, shoes, books and food for the students, because we believe this donation has motivated and will motivate our students ”, he- he declares.

Kamachechi health center has only two wards, a maternity ward and another ward used for male and female patients. There are also no hospital beds, wheelchairs or furniture for nurses.

This health center is run by untrained nurse Jeddy Ndamikwa who could not hide his joy after receiving food baskets, hospital beds, chairs and clothes that must be distributed to the sick. He said the donation came at the right time when the clinic needed such facilities.

“It’s a sad story if you see how we treat our patients. When they come, they sleep on the floor because we didn’t have beds. We sit on blocks when we want to write. Some patients come from far away and as a clinic we sometimes have to provide food. But with this donation from IK Trust, I am very happy because it came at the right time. We would like to sincerely thank the IK Game Ranch and Lolelunga for this donation. As a community here in Kamakechi, we will always be grateful for this gesture, ”he said.

Kanongo Primary School which is a co-boarding school has a total of 728 students but with only four classrooms and two small houses which serve as boarding facilities for students coming from far away places.

A check in one of the boarding schools revealed that the students slept on sacks and cooked with firewood.

A ninth grade student, Amos Muyenga said life was difficult in the area, which led a number of his colleagues to drop out of school because they had not adapted to the surroundings.

“I am in boarding school with my three young people. We are here because we want to finish school. Life here is tough and a lot of my friends have dropped out of school because they are not happy to stay like this. We sleep on the floor. For my part, we came with a single mattress that I share with my three little ones. We cook with firewood and studying at night is difficult because we have no electricity here. We don’t have solar panels here. So sometimes we use that same fire when we study, ”he says.

The situation at Kanongo health center was no different from that of Kamachechi. This center has only one qualified nurse who also acts as a midwife. The center does not have solar panels, making it difficult for Musonda Mumbonto to care for patients at night.

He explains that he sometimes uses his phone to take care of patients at night.

“We have a lot of challenges here. I am the only worker here and this facility has no electricity. No solar. Sometimes when a patient comes at night, I use my phone. Now a situation where you are in a maternity hospital and you have to take care of a person giving birth and then my phone rings… it makes my job extremely difficult. With the arrival of IK Charitable Trust and the Lolelunga Gaming Ranch, I think our situation will change. We have seen what they have brought us so far. We have received beds, chairs, food for the sick, clothes, shoes and even uniforms, which is a very good thing. We are happy and pray that even other organizations can come in and emulate what IK is doing to improve the lives of people in remote areas like here, ”he said.

And speaking after the two days of donations, Emily Cromhoat, manager of the Lolelunga play ranch, said she believed the donation to schools would inspire students to keep learning.

“This is the remote part of Zambia and so students need to be motivated and one way to do that is to provide them with appropriate learning materials and make the learning environment friendly for them. We are happy to have succeeded in bringing a smile back to this child who needed shoes and this patient who needed food while being treated. Ours is to ensure that the lives of the privileged in our society are improved. As an IK and Lolelunga play ranch, we are very happy to do this for people who need this help. We have many schools and health centers that need our help and we will always continue to share small donations, ”she said.

Speaking at the donations, IK Charitable Trust Secretary Molana Mohamed Shuaib Khanat said that IK Charitable Trust, together with Lolelunga Game Ranch, believes in improving the well-being of vulnerable people in the society.

“As the IK Charitable Trust, we are here in the remote region of Kasempa to donate various items to the less privileged, as we believe in improving the well-being of the poor and vulnerable in society. We believe in sharing the little we have with those who have nothing and we believe that through this sharing, we give hope to the desperate. Many people live in abject poverty with no one to do anything for them. They do not have access to clean and safe drinking water, they do not have adequate shelter and healthy food, they do not have access to quality and solid education, they do not have access to appropriate health care, etc. It is therefore our moral obligation to ensure the well-being of these people and help them have a sense of dignity and a sense of belonging to society. We can only achieve the development of our societies by helping the poor, showing them that there is a better future, thus instilling a sense of hope in their hearts and creating in them the desire to rise up and to do something to improve their lives, ”he said. noted.

Khanat took the time to encourage students in the five schools to prioritize education if they wanted to have a better future.

“Students, I want you to have a better future because you are the ones who will change this society. Pay attention to education. Always study to change the history of this place. Don’t get involved in an early marriage. Don’t drop out of school. Be wise. Do your best and remember that Allah will always help you to be great, ”he said.

Items donated included wheelchairs, matching clothing, shoes, boxes of school supplies and satchels, sports equipment and crutches.

Other items include; boxes of children’s boots, walking aids, hospital partition screen, hospital bedside table, hospital beds and mattresses.

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