Innovative methods to tackle mental health problems will be deployed in the county


Special blankets that reduce unrest will be part of a range of initiatives introduced in the county to help people with mental health issues.

The weighted blankets, which are funded by an NHS grant, will be used to help inpatients at the Bradgate Mental Health Unit at Glenfield Hospital speed up their recovery and reduce the risk of self-harm.

Health officials hope the blankets and other measures, which will benefit more than 60 patients in four wards, will make great strides in helping those in need.

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The grant, worth £ 82,000 and complemented by a contribution from the Leicestershire Partnership Trust (LPT) charity Raising Health, will see the blankets joined by so-called ‘compressible vests’.

These are used in the fight against anxiety and allow the wearer to pressurize the vest when anxieties are heightened and to depressurize when they are calmer.

Investments in equipment with physical benefits will also be made at Bradgate, with the installation of outdoor gymnastics equipment.

Scheduled for installation over the next year, the new stationary bikes, ellipticals, hammocks and garden swings aim to promote independence for the people of the Bradgate unit.

Bradgate Mental Health Unit at Glenfield Hospital

Katie Crowfoot, the unit’s occupational therapy team leader, believes the measures will bring major changes to all hospital patients.

“It will allow patients to be independent and independent, and to feel a little more in control of their recovery,” she said.

“Approaching the service environment in this way should benefit everyone, but the evidence shows that it should have a particularly positive effect for people with autism, depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. “

“It should also allow staff to support patients in a very different way. “

The new measures follow on from work already undertaken by LPT to improve sensory equipment for hospital patients, ranging from installing soft-closing doors to improving lighting.

Carolyn Pascoe, head of fundraising for Raising Health, hoped the funds would make big strides in patients’ recovery.

“It’s great to be able to help fund the equipment and training that should have a positive impact on some very vulnerable patients,” she said.

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