KEMSA and Equity AFIA join forces to provide health products.


NAIROBI, Kenya, June 17- The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) through its Supplementary Services Division (SSD) has entered into a 3-year partnership with Equity Afia to provide health products to all of its 36 health facilities across the country .

KEMSA SSD is a strategic business unit that actively supports the government health program by providing essential medicines and quality medical supplies to national referral hospitals, faith-based organizations / mission hospitals, educational institutions, prisons, to other government institutions, parastatals and non-governmental organizations. and non-profit organizations.

KEMSA Acting Managing Director Edward Njoroge said the SSD provides essential medicines and medical supplies (EMMS) worth over 600 million shillings per year, which includes specialized health products for women. emerging health challenges in Kenya, including anti-cancer drugs, anti-diabetics, antihypertensive drugs and kidney disease. goods among others.

“This partnership is part of KEMSA’s desire to work with like-minded stakeholders in the public and private sectors to provide affordable health services to all Kenyans,” he noted.

Njoroge explained that the SSD is intended to be a stand-alone enterprise using sound business principles without prejudicing the ordinary non-commercial supply system of public facilities.

He confirmed that the partnership between Equity Afia and KEMSA aims to achieve the common shared goals and objectives in the area of ​​providing reliable, quality and affordable essential medicines and medical supplies to all Kenyans.

He said the two sides have defined a framework for mutual understanding, communication channels, reporting and decision-making mechanisms, responsibilities and harmonization of activities of common interest that will ensure the success of operations.

“The 3-year renewable partnership signifies the collective aspirations of KEMSA and Equity Afia to pursue their common goals and objectives in strengthening systems that provide affordable health care to all,” he said.

Njoroge said KEMSA will continue to support health facilities in providing essential drugs and medical products to meet their obligations.

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He has assured Equity Afia of an uninterrupted supply of essential medicines, in line with the Authority’s vision to be a world-class provider of health supply chain solutions that save and transform lives.

At the same time, Njoroge congratulated Equity Afia for identifying KEMSA as an ideal partner to develop and strengthen cooperation in the supply of medical products.

Commenting on the partnership, Equity Afia Managing Director Mr. Gilbert Muriithi said KEMSA’s choice was informed by its ability to manage the EMMS supply chain in the country.

He said the medical franchise operates a low-cost, non-profit model and that KEMSA, as a provider of affordable, quality health products, will keep patients from digging deeper into their pockets.

“Our services are heavily subsidized and thanks to the economies of scale that we get from KEMSA, we offer the same to the customer,” he said.

As Equity Afia, we are thrilled with this partnership as healthcare is in demand in the most remote areas and our vision is to partner with KEMSA and help the government achieve universal health coverage by here. 2022.

Muriithi said Equity Afia will continue to work with KEMSA and urged all healthcare providers to adopt the supply chain network offered by KEMSA.

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