Malawi: WCC urges religious leaders to promote health issues in Malawi

The World Council of Churches (WCC) urged religious leaders in Malawi to take a leading role in promoting health awareness in their respective churches in order to create healthier lifestyles among young people.

The WCC made the call during the training workshop on health promotion in churches, which was organized in collaboration with Green Anglican Malawi – a branch of the Anglican Church of Malawi.

The WCC’s interim environmental coordinator for the Anglican provinces of Central Africa, Charles Bakolo, said the church has a mandate to advocate for certain health issues so that worshipers have healthy lives and a safe environment.

Bakolo, who is also an ambassador for the WCC, said they noted that most churches do not actively encourage their followers to promote a healthy generation and take part in discussions about the environment.

“We hope that after the training workshop we can see the churches in Malawi promoting health issues and having structures within the church. The generation we have as a nation now is not promising. because most of them have been entangled in evil behaviors such as smoking, enduring drinking and engaging in sexual activities which can easily ruin their lives, “he said.

One of the attendees, Reverend Father Daniel Chunga, Lake Malawi Diocese, acknowledged that church leaders have only focused on preaching the word of God, leaving out other important elements that complement the Christian life.

Chunga, who currently heads Kasangazi parish in Mponela, said the workshop was an eye-opener for them as they will be able to disseminate information to their devotees about good health as well as how to care for it. ‘environment.

“Currently the world as a whole has been affected by global warming which has affected our precipitation pattern, all of this is due to the failure to protect the environment, as such we religious leaders must play a leading role in informing our faithful of their role. on the preservation of the environment ”, he declared.

Workshop facilitator and medical school student Cecilia Kanthiti called on all churches across the country to tackle deceptive theologies in Africa regarding health issues, saying there is a need to educate people so that they have knowledge about several causes of diseases and their risks. like how they can prevent them.

Kanthiti said the role of the church is to protect their worshipers by creating church health committees, which can help worshipers lead healthy lives.

“There is a great relationship between the church and the health sector, whereby churches build mission hospitals to help their Christians and also donate medical supplies to their Christians in order to have healthy lives,” so they also have to extend the same when they’re in the pulpit, “she said.

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