Tendency to order food online causing health problems


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Oct. 15, 2021, 12:49:44 p.m.

Big online food delivery services like FoodPanda, Pathao Food, Shohoz Food, HungryNaki, etc. made ordering food so easy that it’s become a norm these days.

Those who prepared their food at home are now more and more inclined to order food online and are developing a habit of eating unhealthy foods.

When it comes to ordering meals online, we see people showing less self-control. Many can’t even describe the reasons they ordered fast food; just random envy is what they say.

Stubborn cravings

“Most of the time I order food online because of my sudden cravings. Usually in the evening, seeing delicious food reviews, I just can’t control myself, ”Tasmim Farhana Anika said with a laugh.

“The quality and quantity of the food is not always satisfactory. The ingredients used in these foods (ordered from restaurants) are not always fresh because I often suffer from severe stomach aches, ”added the sophomore pharmacy student at BRAC University.

She’s not alone on this list of digestive issues, however, few of them control their fast food habit. Why?

“It becomes monotonous to always have the same type of food in the dining rooms of the hall (dormitory),” said Maliha Kabir, a second-year applied chemistry and chemical engineering student at Dhaka University.

“It’s common to crave tasty, random snacks. So with my friends I frequently order food online, ”explained Maliha how she tackled monotonous taste buds in her life at Rokeya Hall.

Interesting that Maliha too, like Tasmim, shared her experience of digestive issues from restaurant food. But it’s the momentary compulsion and the strong urge to share delicious food with friends that gets her ordered every time.

Busy professionals tend to save time

Again, busy professionals who live alone don’t have the energy to cook after working all day.

Navia Binte Aman, Assistant Project Officer for Action Against Hunger, said: “When I get home I feel extremely tired and there is no more energy in my body to start cooking. It also takes time. So I prefer to order food from restaurants as a shortcut.

“I don’t usually have any health problems, but if I order food frequently, bloating and nausea develops. “

What are the doctors saying?

Doctors are concerned about this type of high calorie intake which can lead to serious health problems. “Bangladesh faces serious health problems due to the ingestion of highly processed foods, including type II diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart disease, secondary hypertension, fatty liver, and so on. Said Dr ASM Nayem, Senior Lecturer at Gazi Medical College.

He added: “Obesity in people of all ages is increasing due to fast food which can give rise to other serious illnesses.”

According to the South East Asia Journal of Public Health, the prevalence of fast food consumption among college students is 98.5% and among them, 60% indicated that obesity and weight gain were the most serious consequences. of excessive consumption of fast food.

Regarding this issue, Dr. Reashat-E-Masud, senior lecturer at Khulna City Medical College, suggested maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“To improve our quality of life, there is no alteration rather than a modification of lifestyle and eating habits.”

“You need to increase dietary fiber on a diet low in carbohydrates and fat, avoid junk food and processed foods, take plenty of water and increase daily physical activities,” she suggested.

People live in an environment where sometimes situations force them to order online and ignoring the urge sometimes becomes difficult. And the best solution, as everyone knows, is to cook at home.

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