UACh opens IEEE Biomedical Engineering Week University of Health Education Sciences


Uach Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences implements the second week of Biomedical Engineering, which is presented in a virtual way and offers academic and coexistence activities.

Biomedical Engineering Coordinator Gabriela Samano Lira thanked the students for their efforts and efforts to create an academic environment that will greatly benefit future professionals.

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He noted that this event which presents the knowledge and experiences of the speakers is of paramount importance, in addition to being an opportunity for coexistence.

Engineer Luis Fernando Rivera-Miraz gave the lecture entitled “Imaging from a biomedical point of view”.

Tomorrow, engineer Alberto E. Aceves on the topic “Bioprinting 101”.

The “Bricktober” will take place on Thursday, October 14 in the college labs, which consists of the EVS Mindstorm electronic lego set.

In addition, on Friday October 15, the presentation “Combining engineering and synthetic biology” will be presented by IPN students in the biotechnology engineering profession, as well as the virtual activity of Quizziz and the competition for mascot costumes.

The event was organized by an IEEE student from the Department of Mexico, affiliated with the Autonomous University of Chihuahua

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